Smoking Cessation

Spinal fusion surgery is very extensive and requires a lot of healing in order for it to be successful. The best way to lead to a successful surgery is to have your body at optimum health and quitting smoking is the place to start.

Recovery from a spinal fusion is long and may be stressful physically and mentally, especially during the first month or two due to post-surgical pain. It would be futile to undergo an extensive surgery and recovery period, without giving yourself the best chance of a successful surgery to achieve relief of your preoperative symptoms. 


Despite technical advances to achieve a solid fusion, studies of have consistently demonstrated the best overall outcomes are found in non-smokers and smokers who successfully quit smoking. The long-term success of spinal fusion surgery is dependent upon a complete fusion.

A failed fusion may not only cause persistent or increased symptoms, but may also require additional complicated and extensive revision surgery.



If you have elected to proceed with a spinal fusion, it is imperative you quit smoking today.

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