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Do You Have the Following Completed?

  • Physical examination with Primary Care Physician less than 30 days from your surgery date?

  • Completed Medical Clearance and History and Physical Forms? 

  • Cardiac/Pulmonary/Specialist preoperative clearance if applicable?

  • Blood work less than 30 days from your surgery date using the lab sheet from your surgical packet?

  • Chest X-ray and EKG if you are 40 years old or older?

Please CC your family physician on all testing


It is very important all test results are faxed to our office at 302-292-8119


If you have ANY questions please feel free to contact the office at 302-366-7671

Now that you have elected to proceed with surgical treatment, we are here to guide you on your way to recovery. We are dedicated to achieving superior patient care. Our experienced team will help you to transition seamlessly from Pre-op to Post-op.

To reduce the risk of medical complications, there are preoperative tests that need to be completed prior to your surgery. You will also require medical clearance to ensure you are at optimal health to undergo the procedure. If you see a specialist for a medical condition, such as cardiac or pulmonary, you will require clearance from your specialist in addition to your family physician. It is best to have your blood work and chest x-ray completed before your medical clearance appointment, so your physician can review them at your visit.

Are You Ready for Surgery?

If you answered no to any of the above questions, you are not ready for surgery. Please have the required testing performed as soon as possible, within the 30 day window. It is in your best interest to have your preoperative work (blood work, urinalysis, chest x-ray, EKG) completed before your appointment with your primary care physician so it may be reviewed. If not, your clearance status may be changed due to abnormal results. 

Contact Us: 1-302-366-7671
Fax: 1-302-292-8119


Neurosurgical Group, P.A.

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