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Lynn R.  Vanneman

Lynn plays a role in coordinating Dr. Yalamanchili’s surgical schedule and is specially trained to perform clerical and administrative duties, including scheduling appointments and depositions, compiling medical and diagnostic reports, arranging referrals, and scheduling ordered tests. She assists in preparing patients for surgery by scheduling preoperative testing, providing detailed information regarding surgery, and ensuring everything is in order to proceed.  She is the point of liaison between the surgeon, the patient and the operating room team and plays a big part handling patients from the day they decide to proceed with surgery to the day of surgery. 

Michelle Hibbitts

Michelle is mainly involved with administrative functions of the office and helps to make our office run smoothly. She updates and organize medical records, including electronic health records, and schedule and coordinate appointments. She assists in handling and answering phone calls, transferring calls to the appropriate departments, transcribing recorded messages, and preparing patients’ chart for their follow up appointment.

Medical billers communicate what services were provided to the patients and why to third party payers. They also discuss bills with patients and explains their insurance benefits after the claim has been processed by the insurer. Judy is extremely knowledgeable about insurance regulations, health insurance contracts, medical coding, and bookkeeping. She plays a vital role in making the business operation of healthcare delivery run fluently and efficiently. She can answer any of your billing inquires.

Judy Heuschkel

Danielle Cherry

Danielle serves a role in obtaining authorization from insurance companies for diagnostic tests, medications, and  surgical procedures.  She submits requests and clinical information to the insurance company and stays in constant communication with them until the authorization is complete. She serves as the connection between the insurance company and patient relaying pertinent information to the patient regarding the status of the authorization and submitting any additional requested information to the insurance company. 





Jana Siwek, our office manager, is available to assist you with any concerns.

Contact Us: 1-302-366-7671
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